Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All Ready for Our New Roommate

We're proud to announce Jack's nursery is all ready for him!

Clothes are all washed, toys put away, and everything is just perfect. Get a good look at his room's not going to stay this clean!
Sitting in his room right now gives you a feeling that's hard to describe. Just knowing someone you already love so much is going to have his story start right here in this room is a very powerful thought.

You can see Jack's already gotten a lot more toys and books from everyone who came to Jim's shower last weekend. It was a great day, opening our doors to so many friends all celebrating this incredible time in our life. We'll get pictures up soon, we promise!

This is Jack's fish friend, Clyde.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

36 Weeks

Under a considerable amount of protest, Suz has finally allowed the release of the photos of her at 36 weeks. 36 weeks, kids! One more week, and Jack will be considered full term.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nine Months!

We're getting so close to the finish line that it almost hurts! Suz has just started the 9th month of pregnancy. In some ways, 2010 has gone by incredibly fast and in other ways incredibly slow. Every time we've driven past OSF, there's this momentary fantasy of being able to just pull in and bring him out to play now.

All in good time. Every day, we do a little be more to be prepared. Suz called and preregistered at the hospital and Jim started getting his paperwork together to make sure Jack is taken care of insurance-wise right from the start.

Hopefully, we'll have Suz's 36 Weeks photos up soon. Yesterday's photo session was rejected by the model in question.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holy Crap!

This is really happening, isn't it?

Today we had another appointment with Dr. Lee. After the standard Strep B test and Jack again being accessed as "perfect," the doctor announced Suz is already 1cm dilated and 30% effaced. Chances are if you don't know what that means, you probably don't want to know. Do yourself a favore and don't Google it and enter TMI territory.

What does this mean? Well, nothing mostly. We're still looking at a November due date, but we're going to get the bags packed and the hospital pre-registered next week.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Shower Time!

Okay, so it took a few days for us to get around to posting some pictures from the shower. They're here now, so everyone relax! This past Sunday was Suz's baby shower and it was the perfect afternoon with family and friends. Perfect in the sense that there was free food and gifts for us!

Big thanks to Angelique, Barb, Jess and Stefanie for putting everything together. It meant so much to us.

The ladies of Pekin Insurance.

The family table.

Suz loves rubber duckies and so that was the theme of the shower. If you look closely, you can see that the duck is dropping a deuce (courtesy of Barb).

Michelle, Keri and Amanda.

Not a bad haul!

Angelique, Jess and Li'l Jax.

Barb is hoping we'd unwrap faster. She's already spent too much time south of I-80.

Colton's already passed out!

Kylie, Jenn, Jennie and Betsy.

Suz with Sam and Nephew Max.

Suz and Jim opening presents. This outfit is the one we plan on being Jack's homecoming outfit. Thanks, Jennie!

Us with Jim's mom.

This party is starting to become reasonably crazy.

Nephew Max giving the rasberry.

The demise of the cake duck.

Suz with Mallorie, Meredithe and Cousin Lisa.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remember This Moment..

...for in a few weeks, this highchair will never be this clean again!

Why Does Jack Have Nicer Stuff Than We Do?

We'll post about Suz's baby shower later, but we just couldn't wait to post the progress in Jack's nursery thanks to the incredible generocity of our family and friends.

Welcome to Jack's nursery. Call-ahead seating is available.

View from the other side of the room. You can see Gina still considers this to be her room.

Crib is all ready for Jack. Scout is waiting to play!

Closet is fully-decorated and you can see the library has a few more books on the shelf. Always accepting donations!

Inside Jack's magical Poopin' Closet.